October 23: B Day


Work time in lab! This was our last day for working on our memoirs.

HW: Bring in printed copy of your memoir and all rough drafts on Thursday. Some students printed them in class.


1. Freewrite

2. Written quiz on Ch. 10-13 of memoir.

3. Work time on laptops.

HW: Read Ch. 14 of memoir(s) for Thursday. Final memoir due Thursday. We will meet in the classroom to continue working tomorrow.


1. Work time

2. Written quiz on Ch. 10-13 of Bryson/Krakauer.

3. Work time.

4. Get rid of these words as much as possible in your memoir: sudden, suddenly, always, really, very, favorite, ! (except in dialogue and internal monologue).

HW: Finish and print memoir by Thursday. Read Ch. 14 by Thursday.