October 22: A Day


1. Five-minute freewrite.

2. Vocabulary notes. We took notes on SAT words #3 and #4 and word part notes #11-#15. If you were absent, follow this link to copy down the notes onto V1.

3. Notes on how to diagram a sentence. We took notes on G1, Four Basic Parts of a Sentence. If you were absent, make your own G1 on a sheet of notebook paper with these definitions:

Subject: The thing or person the sentence is about. Goes with the predicate verb of the sentence.

Predicate: The main verb of the sentence. What the subject does. Complete predicate: the verb and everything related to the verb.

Direct Object: Who/what the verb does. I sing. Sing what? Songs. Songs is the direct object.

Indirect Object: Who/what the verb is directing the action towards. I sing songs. To whom? To the stars. I sing the stars songs. The stars is the indirect object.

4. Practice diagramming. We practiced in class on a worksheet.

HW: Work on your memoir so you’re ready to print it out at the end of class Wednesday.


Reading day!

HW: Work on your memoir. Read Ch. 10, 11, 12, 13 for tomorrow.


1. Work time in lab.

2. Getting rid of unimaginative words and other fixes.

3. Extended metaphor.

HW: Print memoir and bring ALL ROUGH DRAFTS to class on Wednesday. If you need me to print it, email me to ask BEFORE 11:59 P.M. ON TUESDAY NIGHT.

Read Ch. 14 of memoir for Wednesday.