The Hero’s Journey: Day 164

Today students were introduced to The Odyssey, an epic poem, and learned about the Hero’s Journey.

1. Quickwrite. Students wrote answers to one of the following prompts in a complete paragraph:

Answer on a separate sheet of paper.

1. What is your idea of “home”? Is it a place, a person, a feeling?

2. What is needed for a long-distance relationship to succeed? Think about couples in which on person frequently travels for work and the other stays home. Give specific examples of relationships that work or do not work to support your answer.

2. Discussion. Students shared their answers briefly.

3. The Hero’s Journey. Students received L27: Heros Journey Illustration. I walked students through the different steps of the heroic cycle and then, on the back, students had 7 minutes to apply a movie or book they knew to the hero’s journey by filling in the boxes.

HW: Finish Hero’s Journey chart by applying the hero’s journey to any story you know that fits the archetype.

Watch these awesome videos on The Hero’s Journey: