Clocking Edits: Day 163

Today, students prepared to turn in their Romeo and Juliet art critiques by completing some final edits. Any students who were not prepared with their final essays today automatically lost 7 points from their project grade.

1. Organization. Students organized their papers: final essay, rough draft, prewriting, script of scene, reflection. Anyone who was absent needs to pick up the reflection questions in the classroom to complete.

2. Clocking edits. In order to turn in the most perfect draft possible, students shared their essay with three or four classmates. We passed the essay and a cover sheet around the room in a circle. Each time we passed, there was one specific element of grammar or style to edit for. The editors did not mark on the essay, but rather made suggestions for changes on the cover sheet. Then, after three or four rounds of edits, the author made the edits on their essay before turning it in.

HW: If you are doing the poetry Honors Project, it is due on Friday. If you are doing the Odyssey Honors Project, you should bring your book, translated by Robert Fagles, tomorrow./strong>