Peer revision: Day 162

Today, students had the opportunity to get some feedback on their rough drafts of their Romeo and Juliet essays so far.

These essays are due on Monday, printed, at the beginning of class. Anyone who needs me to print their essay for them, I can if you email me asking to print before midnight on Sunday.

1. Highlighting. Students highlighted in their drafts a number of things to ensure they had all components of the assignment:
– thesis statement
– topic sentences in all body paragraphs that contain no evidence
– conclusion sentences in all body paragraphs that contain no evidence
– restated thesis at the beginning of conclusion
In a different color, students highlighted
– evidence from the play
– specific details from their works of art that proved their point

2. Tense check. Students quickly exchanged papers with someone in their writing group and looked for any verbs in past tense. We the. Changed the past tense verbs to present.

3. Citations. Students then double-checked their citation format to ensure the parenthetical citation was in the correct format. Example: I.v.6 would be act 1, scene 5, line 6.

4. Read aloud and label PEE. Students then read their work aloud and labeled their PEE patterns as they read. Each piece of evidence needs to be preceded by a POINT and followed by an EXPLANATION. so, you first state what point you will prove with your evidence (point). Then you give your evidence, incorporated into your own sentence. Remember, the shorter the quote, the better. Finally, you explain your evidence by referencing specific words or phrases from that evidence.

HW: Complete entire art review and print it out by Monday. Bring in all drafts and your prewriting packet to turn in with the final.

Email Ms. G. with any questions or requests for feedback.