Act 3 quiz and line cuts: Day 155

1. Oral quiz on Act III. We reviewed the act with an oral quiz.

2. Line cuts. All directors end up having to cut lines out of Shakespeare plays–it’s just the name of the game. Whether it’s to keep the show short enough for a modern audience, to cut out dated jokes, or to otherwise make the play more approachable, it often happens. Today, students had to exercise their judgment by cutting their scenes down to between 100 and 120 lines.

3. Casting. After cutting their scene, students divided up lines so that each person had about the same amount to say. This meant perhaps having multiple Lord Capulets or having one person play multiple small roles.

HW: Familiarize yourself with your lines (but you don’t need to memorize them). Read Act IV and Act V of Romeo and Juliet and fill out the timeline on your pink sheet by Friday.

Listen to Act IV

Listen to Act V

To download the entire recording click here: iTunes or Complete File.

Act IV, scene i

start at 7:50

end at 4:35

Act IV, scene ii

watch 4:35-6:25 (read lines 1-15ish and then start with Capulet’s “How now, my headstrong”)

Act IV, scene iii

start at 6:30

end at 0:45

Act IV, scene iv

watch 0:45-2:00

Act IV, scene v

watch 2:00-9:45 and be sure to read the lines left off of the end regarding Peter and the musicians

Act V, scene i

start at 9:45

stop at 3:23 and make sure to read the last three lines left out

and then watch from 0:45-5:01 to see Leo do V.i only lines 4 until “I will lie with thee tonight.”

then watch the same above film 5:50-7:00 to see the apothecary section

Act V, scene ii

watch 3:23-4:50 only

watch 5:15-5:50 to see a very edited version of this scene

Act V, scene iii

start at 4:50

and then watch this clip from the other version:

or watch this clip (which is TOTALLY wrong because they are alive at the same moment — such a Hollywood cop-out!)