Speaking Shakespeare: Day 156

1. Reading time. Students had ten minutes to read some for homework. They will need to read all of Act 4 and Act 5 for tomorrow. Remember to read footnotes, too!

2. Script update. All students had five minutes to make sure all their lines were appropriately cut, assigned, and read through quickly.

3. Speaking Shakespeare. Using techniques I learned at a super awesome Shakespeare institute I went to over the summer, we learned how to speak Shakespeare’s poetry so that it makes sense to a listener: L26 – Speaking Shakespeare. We did examples of each style of sentence emphasis and then students looked for those techniques in their script.

HW: Read Act 4 and Act 5 of Romeo and Juliet. Finish marking your figures of speech (L26) for your lines in your script. Be prepared to start blocking tomorrow and to perform on Monday.

Finish Taming of the Shrew by Monday if doing the Honors project. 

Listen to Act IV

Listen to Act V

To download the entire recording click here: iTunes or Complete File.

Act IV, scene i

start at 7:50

end at 4:35

Act IV, scene ii

watch 4:35-6:25 (read lines 1-15ish and then start with Capulet’s “How now, my headstrong”)

Act IV, scene iii

start at 6:30

end at 0:45

Act IV, scene iv

watch 0:45-2:00

Act IV, scene v

watch 2:00-9:45 and be sure to read the lines left off of the end regarding Peter and the musicians

Act V, scene i

start at 9:45

stop at 3:23 and make sure to read the last three lines left out

and then watch from 0:45-5:01 to see Leo do V.i only lines 4 until “I will lie with thee tonight.”

then watch the same above film 5:50-7:00 to see the apothecary section

Act V, scene ii

watch 3:23-4:50 only

watch 5:15-5:50 to see a very edited version of this scene

Act V, scene iii

start at 4:50

and then watch this clip from the other version:

or watch this clip (which is TOTALLY wrong because they are alive at the same moment — such a Hollywood cop-out!)