Scene work: Day 154

Today, students started class with ten minutes to read whatever part of Act III they were on. All of Act III should be read by tomorrow (see resources below!).

Then, we met in our scene groups to paraphrase the rest of the scene we started working on yesterday. If you left early, did not finish in class, or were absent, you need to finish paraphrasing the scene on your own for tomorrow.

HW: Read Act III. Finish paraphrasing scene/script if needed.

Listen to Act III online.

To download the entire recording click here: iTunes or Complete File.

Watch Act III before, after, or as you read here: (BE SURE TO PAUSE TO READ FOOTNOTES!)

*1978 version*

Act III, scene i

Act III, scene ii

start at 6:40

Beware – this version leaves off about 10 lines at the end of the scene.

Act III, scene iii

start at 5:00

Act III, scene iv

start at 2:23

Act III, scene v

start at 4:47

*other less accurate versions*

Act III, scene i

start at 3:49, and cuts the first 50-60 lines of the scene

start at 0:23, stop at 9:20, and then skip to 10:05 if you feel like destroying your soul or are just looking forward to Titanic with this kind of terrible 1996 version:

until 3:27, plus a few extra lines just to make sure the overly simplistic Hollywood audiences understand.

Act III, scene ii

watch 9:20-10:06 to see Clare Danes cut short Juliet’s monologue:

Act III, scene iii

watch 3:27-6:20, but then be prepared to skip 10s of lines at a time because this scene is so chopped up.

Act III, scene iv

9:05-9:35 only