Style in Informational Writing: Day 121

1. Memoir corrections. Students received edited versions of the memoir they wrote at the beginning of the year in order to approve the changes made by the DSA Publishing staff. Anyone who didn’t want their memoir published worked on writing their plot summary from the main event list we created yesterday.

2. NPOV and RWP notes. Students received W28: Rules for Informational Writing. We took notes on #1 and #2. Students practiced recognizing neutral and real-world writing by sorting these cards: NPOV and RWP practice sorting. When it comes to neutrality, I’ve noticed many students try to “sell” the book in their plot summaries by making it sound extra interesting, as if they’re writing jacket copy (the summary on the flap of a book cover written to help sell it). To remind students not to write in this tone, I did several dramatic jacket copy readings which I have recorded for your home enjoyment here:

Your plot summary should not sound like this! It should just directly state the facts instead of enticing your reader like these do!

HW: #1 – #7 on the back of W28, “Rules for Informational Writing.”