Character Analysis and Quote Integration: Day 100

1. Paragraph writing. Today we finished our character analysis paragraphs. If you did not get it or were absent, you need to download the file from the Day 99 post (see below) and complete either paragraph 1, 2, or 3. As students finished, I read their paragraphs, gave them feedback, and asked for revisions.

2. Reading time. Students then had time to read Chapter 2 and 3 of Of Mice and Men.

Additionally, any students interested in the Of Mice and Men Honors Project received the assignment: OMM Honors Project Assignment. We will be watching Waiting for Godot in class around February 13th. Any students interested in doing this essay must obtain their own copy of the play script (available in used bookstores everywhere under Drama, and the author’s last name Beckett).

HW: Read Ch. 2 and 3 for Monday. Fill out your reading guide. Be prepared for an oral quiz.