Narrative Modes: Day 88

1. Turn in essays. Students turned in their collaborative essay rewrites. I need to have all rough drafts; I printed out the final for you.

2. Review of plot. Students got out L16, their notes on plot. We reviewed the notes and filled in any gaps if needed.

3. “Yogurt” by Robert Wallace. We read the fabulous short short “Yogurt” (not available online). It’s in the short story collection, Flash Fiction: 72 Very Short Stories, which is excellent! As we read, we reviewed the plot diagram (exposition, inciting incident, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, this story had no conclusion, which is typical) (they had been fighting; they fought over sugar cereal at the story; he thinks about divorce; he gets yogurt thrown in his face by a random stranger; they discuss the incident; he holds her and she holds him).

4. Narrative Mode notes. We reviewed narrative modes with these notes (download them and print them off if you were absent): Narrative Modes Teacher Notes

No homework tonight.