Essay Revisions: Days 85, 86, 87

For the past three days we have been working on our To Kill a Mockingbird essay revisions in class. Some classes got written feedback only; other classes got audio feedback using these awesome online recording tools:

Vocaroo: There’s no max recording time and it’s somewhat reliable, but it has poor sound quality and you can’t pause the playback. And occasionally the site crashes for, like, 24 hours. I used this one most of all since it was simplest and fastest.

Chirbit: You can pause the playback and it has good sound quality, but the max recording time is 5 minutes. And it’s kind of glitchy and takes a long time to upload.

Audioboo: It’s not so glitchy, but the max recording time is only 3 minutes and the recordings can’t be made private.

I recommend using these web-based programs in other classes, too! Read your history essay aloud and then listen to yourself read it. Awesome.

HW: Finish your revisions in GoogleDocs by Monday evening at midnight. But that doesn’t mean you should put it off until then. 

Email me if you need help or would like me to Vocaroo you again. I am more than happy to!