Writing Fiction: Day 89

1. Sentence Patterns check. Students identified the following sentence patterns using their Sentence Patterns handout, #1-5. If you were absent, you should examine these sentences at home, identify which number pattern each is, and bring in your answers:

  • My mother ate my Cheetos, so I ate her lemon chiffon cake.
  • While I know my father loves me, sometimes he just needs to tell me.
  • In my house I feel safe.
  • Because I believed, the basketball team won.
  • Jimmy loves Sarah, but Sarah loves cupcakes.

2. Finishing Narrative Modes notes. We completed our notes on narrative modes (L18). If you were absent, download them here: Narrative Modes Teacher Notes.

3. Narrative Modes practice: Little Red Riding Hood. Next, students were given a chance to practice narrative modes in small groups. We reviewed the story of Little Red Riding Hood together; then, each group of students was given a number from 1-6 to correspond with six different perspectives one could tell the story from. Finally, using one of the perspectives, they rewrote the story of Little Red Riding Hood. If you were absent, choose any of the perspectives listed at the top of page two and write your own version of the story at home: Narrative Modes (L18).

4. Flash Fiction assignment. We reviewed the Flash Fiction assignment and students received this handout with the guidelines: Flash Fiction Assignment. Here are the main points:

  • the rough draft is due typed or handwritten on Tuesday
  • it must be between 1 and 5 pages long
  • it must be MYSTERIOUS; in other words, don’t tell your reader everything. Toy with them. Play mind games with them. Don’t let them know exactly what’s going on.
  • write in third-person
  • characters may NOT HAVE NAMES; this will ensure you describe the character and investigate his or her motivations thoroughly

Students also received two example Flash Fiction stories similar to what they will write, annotated to point out key techniques. Download the examples here: Flash Fiction Annotated Examples

Tomorrow and Friday we will take the second Cumulative Assessment for the year, which tests reading comprehension.

HW: Flash Fiction planning and rough draft due on Tuesday.