Preposition Quiz and Reflection on Motif Essay: Day 78

We started off class by dancing our preposition dance to review!

1. Preposition Quiz. If you were absent you need to take this quiz on the first day back to school, January 3.

2. Binder organization. Students organized their binders after they took the quiz. All students should have binders organized by letter and number, plus a clean homework folder.

3. To Kill a Mockingbird Reflection. Students then answered the following questions about the collaborative essay they just wrote. If you were absent, or needed to leave early for the assembly, you must answer these questions over break on a sheet of notebook paper. Please write in complete sentences.

1.What was the most difficult part of writing this essay?
2.How did your motif journal help you come up with ideas or evidence for your essay?
3.What are you most proud of in this essay?
4.What does it mean to provide evidence?
5.What is a thesis statement?
6.Where in the essay should you state your thesis?
7.Where in the essay should you restate your thesis?
8.What is a topic sentence?
9.What are two qualities that make a good title?
10.Please rank your group members in order of their helpfulness and work ethic (1 = most helpful/hardworking). Include yourself. Please explain briefly.
11.What grade do you think you, as an individual, deserve on the essay and why?
4. Turning in Motif Journals. If students were finished with their motif journals, they could turn them in. However, since I did not remind you all frequently that the motif journals were due on Tuesday, and since I want to give everyone a chance to succeed, the motif journals can be turned in on January 3. All students turned in the reflection, though.
5. To Kill a Mockingbird charades. If we had time, we played a few rounds of charades, acting out key lines from the novel.
HW: Finish motif journal if not done. Otherwise, none! Read for pleasure. :)