Works Cited and Titles: Day 77

Today, students had a little time in class to add some finishing touches to their collaborative To Kill a Mockingbird essays. Then, we discussed how to create a Works Cited section at the end of the essay (The Works Cited Page) and how to make snappy titles–which they did!

HW: Study prepositions for quiz tomorrow!

Finish essay by midnight–it should already be done, though.

Motif Journals can be turned in tomorrow or you can get an extension until after break (January 3).

Tomorrow, we will take our quiz, do some writing, and attend our Holiday Arts Assembly! Woo hoo!


about above across

after against

along among around at

before behind

below beneath

beside between

beyond by

down during for from

in inside into

like of off

on onto

out outside


past through


to toward


until up


with within without