Review for Flash Fiction writing! Day 79

We started our Syntax Unit today. Here’s the calendar: Syntax Unit Calendar. In order to work up to writing our own flash fiction stories focused on effective syntax, we reviewed sentence structure and plot structure.

1. Review of procedures. The first day back, we spent a few minutes reviewing the classroom procedures.

2. Turn in motif journals. If you didn’t turn in your journal today, turn it in tomorrow, with a 7 point penalty. While we stapled pages together, we told stories from our breaks (sadly, only about 2 or 3 minutes).

3. Turn in books. If you borrowed a To Kill a Mockingbird or Other Voices, Other Rooms book, you returned it today. If you didn’t, please return it ASAP or bring in a check to DSA for $7.00 ($16 for Other Voices).

4. Review of Parts of a Sentence. Students took notes on W22 (a piece of notebook paper). Here they are:

2 Parts of a Sentence

1. subject

the main noun; the person, place, thing, or idea that does the action

Santa gave me presents.

2. predicate

predicate verb is the main action or state of being, connected to and conjugated with the subject

Santa gave me presents.


Then student wrote 10 two-word sentences that told a story. Each sentence had to have a simple subject and simple predicate only.

5. Review Plot. We reviewed the seven elements of plot by taking notes on L16 (also notebook paper):


(insert drawing of a plot diagram)

1. exposition: tells what happens before the action starts

2. inciting incident (also called narrative hook, complication): the spark that starts the conflict

3. rising action: the conflict builds

4. climax: the most tense or exciting part usually toward the very end of the story

5. falling action: the aftermath of the climx

6. resolution: the conflict is resolved (sometimes through death)

7. conclusion: tells what happens after the action is over

No homework tonight! Tomorrow we will read some Flash Fiction and play a sentence construction game. Whee!

Welcome back everyone!

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