Oral Quiz #1: Day 55

1. Do now. Students had a few minutes to add any information from the book to their Reading Guides, which can be used on the quiz.

2. Oral Quiz. We reviewed To Kill a Mockingbird chapters 2-4 with an oral quiz. Each student got an easy question about the reading to answer out loud. We will have another oral quiz on Thursday at the earliest.

3. Motif Journals. Students received this handout explaining the motif journal project: Motif Journal Lit Circle 2011. Students found out which motif they will be tracking throughout TKaM. Then, I showed them examples of what each role’s preparation would look like. Bring any questions about the assignment tomorrow.

HW due Wednesday:

Regular – Read Ch. 5-6. Complete Motif Journal entry #1 for your role. 

Honors – Read Ch. 5-8. Complete Motif Journal entry #1 for your role.

Due Thursday: Regular read Ch. 9 and 10. Motif Journal entry #2. Honors read ch. 9-11. Motif Journal entry #2.