Learning Stations: Day 56

1. Motif Journal review. Students were shown examples of what motif journals should look like. The first page is due tomorrow.

2. Learning stations for Ch. 1-4. In a return to our own childhoods, and in an attempt to reflect back just like Scout the Narrator does, we used learning stations to explore some elements of the reading so far. Students built with blocks, looked at paintings and photographs, wrote about life experiences, helped Scout pack a survival kit, and explored irony at different stations. Their writing was collected for a homework grade. If you were absent, you are exempt from this activity.

HW: For tomorrow, Regular English: Read Ch. 5-6. Complete one motif journal entry for your role.

For tomorrow, Honors English: Read Ch. 5-8. Complete one motif journal entry for your role.

Due Thursday: Regular read Ch. 9-10. Honors read Ch. 9-11.