“The Most Dangerous Game” and Suspicious Diction: Day 33

Ms. Fowler, from Appalachian State University, is the primary teacher of the short story unit. Go Ms. Fowler!

1. Do Now. Students completed a questionnaire which asked their opinions on various topics related to the short story by Richard Connell. Students explained their beliefs in writing, then shared with a partner.

2. Rivet Prediction Activity. Students guessed seven words hangman-style in an activity called “Rivet.” Students then used the seven words to write a prediction about the story on the back of their Do Now. The words were hunting, dangerous, civilized, mansion, game, island, and survival. Students passed in this paper.

3. Oral Fluency. Students learned about some read-aloud tips and tricks on L10: Oral Reading Fluency Most Dangerous Game. We took notes and then practiced reading aloud.

4. “The Most Dangerous Game.” We began reading the story aloud, using our oral fluency tips. We also kept a list of words that seemed “suspicious,” words that seemed to foreshadow a negative outcome.

HW: Read “The Most Dangerous Game” through the bottom of the first column on page 4. Continue adding to your suspicious words handout.