Finishing “How to Talk to Girls at Parties”: Day 32

Today we read the end of the Neil Gaiman story and answered some questions about theme. Consider the fact that the story ends with Enn treading out the measure to a poem, most likely the poem Triolet told him. Theme sometimes relates to the very ending of a story.

1. Wordskills. We took notes on the word parts EXO and EXTRA. Get notes from a friend or click on the Wordskills tab if you were absent.

2. Listening to the lovely Neil Gaiman reading the end of his story about two boys who end up at the wrong party. Full of dramatic irony and all that.

3. Answering questions about theme. Students answered questions on their notes sheet about the theme of the story. The best themes of the day: Poetry changes you, and One man’s demise is another’s boon.

No homework tonight.