Not To Be: Day 28

If you’re Hamlet, asking the question, “To be or not to be?” have faith! The answer is Not To Be, when you’re talking verbs, anyway.

Students had time in the computer lab today to revise their memoirs before receiving W8: Not To Be.

We took notes on this handout about how to remove To Be verbs from our writing when using 1) passive voice, 2) linking verbs, and 3) past progressive tense.

It’s okay to use was, were, is, are, etc. in dialogue and when you’re talking directly to the reader. But in many cases, we can eliminate those to be verbs by creatively rearranging the sentence or replacing the word with a more exciting verb.

HW: Final memoir due tomorrow! It must be printed out before class. If you need me to print it, email me before midnight with your request; also, make sure your document is shared with on GoogleDocs. Bring all of your rough drafts tomorrow to show your progress.

Absentees: Download W8. Revise the example sentences. Then search for the word “was” in your GoogleDoc with Ctrl + F (find). Revise at least one sentence to remove the “was.”