Theme Readings: Day 20

Today, students were split into groups based on the topics of their memoirs. All the authors writing about divorce sat together, all those writing about fathers sat together, etc.

1. Turn in Summer Assignment Redos. Students got out and turned in any redone summer assignments. If students did not turn them in today I will accept them tomorrow.

2. Theme review. We did a quick review of theme. Theme is the message, moral, or lesson of a story learned by the protagonist or the reader. It could also be a belief the author wants you the reader to have. Students discussed theme and then wrote a paragraph about what they thought the theme of their own memoir is. We shared these themes with our groups and then we shared a few with the whole class.

3. Readings. Students worked in groups to read a short memoir related to their own writing. The goal of this process was to help students think about how their writing could be improved by mimicking another writer’s work. We took notes as we read on a target notes sheet (I have extras if you were gone). Also, groups discussed sections they really enjoyed.

HW: 1. Finish reading the memoir you read in class today. Write a theme statement for the piece on your target notes. 2. Bring a paper copy of simile/metaphor scene you wrote on Tuesday.

HONORS: Also bring a paper copy of your symbolism paragraph.