Motivation: Day 9

Hey everyone! Sorry for the late posting. I was hanging out with Mr. Graves and his awesome theater peeps for auditions!

1. Wordskills. We took notes on word parts 3-5 today as well as learning the word condescending (adj) and the verb condescend. My favorite example sentence: I condescend to run the mile in gym class when they ask me. Ha!

2. Homework review. We looked at the modes homework from last night and corrected ten sentences. Then Ms. Fowler and I came around to check the grades each student got (peer corrections). This grade may be replaced by a higher quiz grade on modes (the quiz will be on Friday).

3. Motivation. We took notes on motivation on a sheet of notebook paper, which we titled W4: Motivation. Here’s the notes:

definition: the reason behind actions.

more detailed definitions: the combination of personality and situation that explain a character’s actions, speech, thoughts, or feelings.

For instance, if you read a memoir in which a young girl wrote her brother’s name on the living room wall in crayon, what would you think? Well, you may think she was a bit crazy, just a bad kid. What if you knew her motivation, though? Last night was Christmas Eve, and even though she usually sleeps in her brother’s room on the eve of holidays, last night, he told her she couldn’t come in. Frustrated and angry, the girl finds a moment when her family is in the other room and takes a kind of pitiful revenge on her brother, hoping he will get in trouble.

4. Motivation Writing. Many students are having a hard time thinking their lives are important enough to write about. Well, guess what? By being born, your live is important enough to write about. We’re going to work through this problem Students listed 10 events that happened to them during their day, even if they were meaningless events. Anything will do! Then, we wrote down the motivation for each event. Finally, we chose three events with similar motivations to work into a short piece of writing, which we will do in class tomorrow.

Here’s my list:

  • Woke up 5:20 (pressed the snooze twice for the sheer happiness of sleeping). Motivation: Pleasure/Procrastination.
  • Sit-ups and Push-ups. Motivation: Wanting to be fit/body image.
  • Made five cups of coffee, even though I didn’t have time. Motivation: Pleasure/Procrastination.
  • Oatmeal for breakfast, not enough sugar, but I didn’t add more. Motivation: Wanting to be fit? Laziness?
  • *Went to school when it was still dark out, dark blue sky. Motivation: Perfectionism.
  • *Talked to Sydney to get her the announcement in Spanish. Motivation: Perfectionism, being a Yes-person, not wanting to disappoint.
  • Talked to Ms. Fowler about jobs. Motivation: Desire to nurture.
  • Talked to Abi. Motivation: Desire to nurture.
  • Lunch duty conversation with Mr. Ward about Genesis. Remembering the Bible class I took in summer school. Motivation: Perfectionism/intellectual drive.
  • *My salad smelled funny when I tried to eat it, so I didn’t. Motivation: Perfectionism, being a Yes-person. (I didn’t get to eat the salad yesterday, so maybe it spoiled overnight?)

HW: None!