Diction and Voice: Day 10

1. Warm-up and Review. Today we reviewed the modes with a short passage at the beginning of class.

2. Diction. Students received L3 (download to appear later, come see Ms. Fowler or Ms. Garvoille for a handout), on which they took notes on diction. Diction is word choice, which reveals an author’s identity and his opinion on the subject. Students practiced using diction a few times.

3. Voice. Students learned that voice is part diction and part syntax (sentence structure). Students matched passages written in three different voices of three celebrities, Jay-Z, Chelsea Handler, and Steve-O. They then named the adjectives that described each person’s voice and named two adjectives that described their own voice.

4. Writing: The Wednesday Saga. For their homework, students chose a list of words that fit a certain attitude. Tonight, students need to tell the story of three events that happened to them yesterday morning (we wrote down 10, then chose 3) using their VOICE, 3 of the DICTION words from the word list they chose, and they need to hint at their MOTIVATION for their actions. This should turn a boring story into an exciting one.

HW: Write out the story of your three events from yesterday morning. Due tomorrow on the half sheet.