Modes: Day 8

Today we learned about the four modes of nonfiction writing: exposition (background), description, narration (storytelling), and persuasion (appealing to the reader’s sympathy).

1. Pass in revisions. Students stapled and turned in their revised memoir pieces they worked on over the weekend.

2. Brainstorming. Students brainstormed three ideas they had for a longer memoir; they are not locked into writing about these ideas, but it may help them later this week to have thought about it.

3. Modes notes. Students took notes on the four modes of nonfiction here:W3: Modes Guided Notes and Example. We wrote down examples of kinds of nonfiction texts that fit in each mode and then we applied the modes to the passage, underlining each mode in the passage a different way.

HW: Finish underlining the four modes in the passage “Jest and Earnest” on W3 (there is a back!).