Day 144: Art and Character

Today Ms. Garvoille was at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival watching these movies: A Force of Nature, Steps to Eternity, and Guilty Pleasures.

Mrs. Hammond was the substitute. All the good classes will have baked goods upon my return.

1. Quiz. Students took a reading quiz on Act III, scenes 1 and 2.

2. Character through Art. Students got this worksheet (download:Artwork Character). They then looked at images or listened to music and filled out the comparison chart, comparing the TEXT to the ART. Find quotes that relate to the character, then decide whether or not details from the art work support or contrast those quotes. If absent, please download the worksheet and then choose one of the following to analyze:

Philip H. Calderon, Juliet (1888)

Juliet (1888)



HW: Finish reading Act III for tomorrow.