Day 143: Act 3, scene 1 and the project

1. Review. Students had a few minutes to look over the reading and add to their reading guide.

2. Oral Quiz. We reviewed the reading with a brief oral quiz.

3. Homework. Students turned in the binaries homework they did last night. (If you missed it, check yesterday’s posting.)

4. Art Project! Students received their next project assignment. Honors: Final Project – HON and Regular: Final Project – ST Here’s the deal: Each student chooses a scene to analyze. Then, after reading and rereading the scene, the student examines a famous work of art inspired by that scene. Next, they write a critical essay stating whether or not the artist successfully addressed the literary elements present in the scene (puns, binaries, metaphor, imagery, etc). Finally, the student gets to create their OWN artistic interpretation of the same scene. Here are some links to examples:

Part I example: prewriting and the critical essay

Part II examples: a photo project, a dance project, and a comic book of the scene.

Students had the opportunity to ask questions about the project.

5. Reader’s Theater. Finally, we performed Act III, scene i for the class.

HW: Read Act III, scene 2 and 3 for homework. Look over the project sheet and think about what you will choose.