Day 110: Theme

Since students finished reading their novels, we had a discussion of theme in bildungsroman.

1. Review. After students logged onto their computers, we reviewed theme — the message, moral, or lesson — learned either by the character or by the reader.

2. Theme – Quote – Annotation. Each Wikipedia group received this sheet: Theme in the Bildungsroman. We brainstormed topics from Of Mice and Men and To Kill a Mockingbird (friendship, loyalty, discrimination, innocence, stereotypes). Then, students wrote five topics from their own novels. Next, we wrote themes based on one of those topics. Finally, students found a passage from their novel that related to their theme and annotated the passage to show that connection. Students posted these annotations in the hallway in groups of similar themes.

3. Work on Character Descriptions.

HW: At least 3 Character Descriptions written by tomorrow.