Day 109: Writing Character Descriptions

Grammar warm-up:

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1. Flash Fiction Grammar Review. With our second benchmark on the horizon (next week Tuesday and Wednesday), we reviewed fragments and run-ons using a GoogleForm (see links above).

2. Appositives. We learned how to use appositive phrases. Appositives are a way to rename a noun with another noun. For instance,

Ms. Garvoille, _____noun_______, taught my class.

Ms. Garvoille, my hyperactive English teacher, taught my class.

The man, _____noun_______, walked into the room.

The man, Mr. Hawks, walked into the room.

The yellow cat, ______noun_____________, yawned.

The yellow cat, a known serial bird-killer, yawned.

Lennie Small, a_____noun________, shows great kindness throughout Of Mice and Men.

Lennie Small, an ironically large man, shows great kindness throughout Of Mice and Men.

3. Character descriptions. We finished W30 (see directions on yesterday’s post). Then, students divided up characters if they are in groups and began writing descriptions. Character descriptions should include the following:
• An appositive
• 1 – 5 sentences, based on the importance of the character.
• The relationship to the protagonist
• Physical descriptions (use quotes if possible)
• Psychological characteristics (How does this character normally think? What is their personality like?)
• If citing page numbers, put them in parentheses for now.

HW: Finish reading novel for tomorrow. Reading Log 5 and 6 due tomorrow. Character descriptions due in GoogleDocs on Thursday.

Absentees: Click on Honors or Regular at the top of this post. Take the quiz for a homework grade (10%). Then, make sure you are done with W30. Finally, begin writing your character descriptions in GoogleDocs.