Day 108: Character, cont’d

1. Summary #5. Students discussed what happened in the plot of their novel from their reading for today (#5). Then, they stood up and talked to two different people, trying to summarize that section of the plot succinctly. Students then returned to their groups to write the plot summary #5 for five minutes.

2. Poem annotations. Students who had not started annotating their poems from Friday began their annotations. Students also completed a venn diagram comparing the character in their novel to the narrator in the poem. (If you did not get the handout you can create your own venn diagram on notebook paper.) If not finished, these annotations are due tomorrow. See Friday’s post (below) for details on the assignment.

3. Create character list in GoogleDocs. Students ranked their characters using the ranking box, writing in numbers from 1 – infinity, with 1 being the protagonist, 2 being the second most central character, etc. Then, they used the following directions to create a list of characters in GoogleDocs: Character List Day 1 web.

HW: Finish poem annotation (L28) for tomorrow. Finish reading your novel by Wednesday. Reading Log #6 due Wednesday.

Absentees: If working alone, write Summary #5 on a sheet of notebook paper. If working in a group, you do not need to do Summary #5. All students must download a poem (see post below) to annotate using all three steps. Create a venn diagram on the back of the poem showing similarities and differences between the poem’s narrator and your protagonist. Finally, if you are working alone, download Character List Day 1 web and follow the directions as best you can without your character list. If in a group, you can skip the Character List.

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