Day 76: Review and Writing with Prepositions

1. Do now: students wrote as many prepositions from memory as they could. Then, they studied V2.8.

2. Preposition Competition. We had a few students with enough courage to recite their prepositions aloud in front of the class. Recite yours tomorrow for a shot at the Batman yo-yo!

3. Preposition Song. We sang the preposition song (see below for videos) three times.

4. Five minutes to study. We studied V2.8 individually for five minutes while I checked if students had completed the chart.

5. WORD-O! We played a round of word bingo! With prizes!

6. Writing with Prepositions. Students received W24: Preposition Writing. We got through #1 and 2 in most classes.

HW: Study for Wordskills Test tomorrow. It is on Lesson 2 with a few words from Lesson 1. Review prepositions for quiz on Friday.