Day 75: Review for Test and Quiz week!

Hi all! Sorry to post a bit late. I’m still getting the hang of being back in school, too!

1. Do now: on a sheet of notebook paper, students wrote down as many prepositions as they could remember without looking at W22 or W23. Then, they wrote about what they enjoyed over our break using SAT vocabulary words. Regular and Honors English used ecstatic, reflective, and superficial. Honors added to that conformist/nonconformist, resilient, and nonchalant.

2. Preposition Competition. Any students who could recite their prepositions got to choose a prize out of the prize basket! At the end of the week, the student with the fastest recitation time will get the sweet light-up Batman yo-yo on Friday.

3. The Preposition Hat Song. We practiced the song together. Students must memorize all the prepositions by Friday. It will take about 20 minutes of constant repetition to get it into your memory. Check out 6th period’s (anonymous – don’t worry, I didn’t put your faces on YouTube!) success:

The only problem is, it cut off the last verse (“upon, with, within, and without!”)!

Or, try singing (really, really slowly to match Ms. G’s piano skills) on your own here:

4. Creating Memory Pathways for the Wordskills Test. All students received V2.8: Lesson 2 Vocab Memory Review. On it, we created links between the word part and the definition. Open the document to see an example.

HW: Study for Wordskills Test on Wednesday, Prepositions quiz on Friday. Finish V2.8 (all 25 word parts) for tomorrow.

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