Day 70: Review and Quiz

1. We reviewed the verbs, the diagram framework, and adjectives. Imagine each sentence diagram as an apartment building. Only the richest, most important parts of the sentence live on the top story, in the penthouse apartments.

In the apartment on the left, is the subject’s home. Only VIP nouns and pronouns are allowed in. NO ADJECTIVES!

The middle penthouse apartment is predicate zone. Only verbs and verb packages can get through security. They always have to show ID. Now, this apartment has two floorplans.

One floorplan has two straight walls on either side, a very comfortable setup for a very effective kind of verb: action verbs live there.

The second floorplan has one straight wall and a slanted wall; the slanted wall is a big annoying–you can’t put your dresser against the wall and it feels a little cramped. This apartment belongs to a less effective verb, who has a little less linguistic capital: that’s the linking verb’s home.

Now, action verbs only live next to direct objects (nouns only! You must show ID to access that apartment) and linking verbs live next to subject complements (nouns and adjectives allowed; these aren’t just any ol’ adjectives — these are adjectives who have worked their way up in the world in order to achieve the meritorious status of subject complement).

2. Homework check. Students double-checked some of their work against their partners’ and their quadmates’.

3. Questions. Students could ask questions about the homework or about diagramming.

4. Quiz time!