Day 69: Adjectives

Today we learned adjectives in groups.

1. Vocab. We took notes on vocab Lesson 2 #10-15.

2. Adjective notes. On W20, we took the following notes:

Adjective: describes a noun or pronoun

Answers the questions “what kind?” “how many?” “whose?” and “which?”

Articles: a kind of adjective. The three articles: a, an, the. Articles are signposts for nouns. A noun often follows an article.

Diagramming adjectives: From the line the noun sits on, draw a diagonal line extending down and to the right. Write the adjective on the diagonal line.

3. Group work on adjectives. In groups, we worked on our homework: Adjectives Worksheet.

HW: Adjectives worksheet due tomorrow. Study for quiz on diagramming tomorrow.