Day 67: Verbs, Day 2

Watch Yossarian the Grammarian teach you about diagramming!

Check out this awesome sentence diagramming site:

1. Wordskills notes. We took notes on words 6-10 for Lesson 2 vocab. We also learned some new words: conformist/nonconformist and ecstatic. Check the Wordskills page for more info.

2. Sentence writing practice. We practiced using our new vocab words in sentences on a new sheet of notebook paper, V2.75. Fill in the blanks in the following sentences using your knowledge of the word:

0.5 (Honors) nonconformist/conformist

  • I am a [conformist/nonconformist] because ___________, just [like/unlike] ____________________.
  • The conformity of her clothing choice was apparent: she wore _________________, just like _________________.

1. (Honors and Regular) ecstatic

  • I was ecstatic when __________________. (Make sure your sentence explains what ecstatic means).
  • She ecstatically [verb] when _____________________.

3. Finish verb notes. We took notes on W19 (download here: 3 Kinds of Verbs) on Action Verbs (transitive and intransitive) and Auxiliary (helping) verbs.


Regular: Diagram three action verb sentences and three auxiliary verb sentences. Complete your diagrams on a separate sheet of paper.

Honors: Diagram three transitive action verb sentences, three intransitive action verb sentences, and three auxiliary verb sentences. Complete your diagrams on a separate sheet of paper.

Choose from the sentences below, arranged in order from easiest to hardest. Pick the three you feel will challenge you to the correct degree:

Action Verbs (Intransitive)

  1. They fought.
  2. I screamed.
  3. She fainted.
  4. She spoke.
  5. The class thought.
  6. I assumed.
  7. The school imagines.
  8. Mr. Hawks scampers.
  9. Crazy Ms. Garvoille dances wildly.
  10. Respectful students obey quietly.

Action Verbs (Transitive)

  1. He hit Sarah.
  2. I stole it.
  3. You scared me!
  4. I believe you.
  5. They hate me.
  6. I hate them.
  7. We did a dance.
  8. They grabbed pizza.
  9. I drove a car.
  10. Rich men buy blue Lambos.

Auxiliary (Helping) Verbs

  1. She has fainted.
  2. Obama has won.
  3. My mother should cook.
  4. I might go.
  5. I could have gone.
  6. We should date.
  7. You have gone crazy.
  8. You might ace English.
  9. My parents have never been married.
  10. Unstable children may rule the world.

Download all the sentences in a Word doc here: Sentences to Diagram.

Watch Yossarian tell you about linking verbs and subject complements:

And now watch Yossarian explain direct objects:

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