Day 66: Verbs, Day 1

1. Do now. Students wrote a short paragraph about what they did over the weekend. Then, they boxed all the predicate verbs in their sentences.

2. Correction Parts of a Sentence homework. We corrected our homework in class by exchanging with a partner.

3. Notes on Verbs. Students received W19, 3 Kinds of Verbs. We took notes through the first part of Action Verbs.

HW: 1st period – none. 2nd period, 4th period, 7th period: Diagram three of the following sentences on a separate sheet of paper:

Linking Verbs

  1. I am tired.
  2. You are beautiful.
  3. She looks fine.
  4. They remain divorced.
  5. They are becoming close.
  6. They stayed together.
  7. She appears calm.
  8. That sounds delicious.
  9. I feel sick.
  10. Lunch tastes disgusting.

6th period should diagram 6 of the sentences.

You may complete all the sentences for extra credit.

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