Day 66: Basic Parts of a Sentence (overview)

Today we reviewed the 4 basic parts of a sentence: subject, predicate, direct object, and indirect object.

1. Turn in homework. We collected the parts of speech worksheet (A Mardsan Giberter for Farfie or Jabberwocky). This sheet was an overview intended to throw students into parts of speech, which we will review in depth over the coming weeks. If you struggled with this exercise, that’s okay!

2. “Yogurt” by Robert Wallace. We read the fabulous short short “Yogurt” (not available online). It’s in the short story collection, Flash Fiction: 72 Very Short Stories, which is excellent! As we read, we reviewed the plot diagram (exposition, inciting incident, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, this story had no conclusion, which is typical) (they had been fighting; they fought over sugar cereal at the story; he thinks about divorce; he gets yogurt thrown in his face by a random stranger; they discuss the incident; he holds her and she holds him).

3. Notes on Subject and Predicate. We took notes on this sheet: 4 Basic Parts of a Sentence. We wrote definitions and constructed a sentence diagram on the back of our paper.

  • Subject: a noun. Who or what the sentence is about. Located to the left of the predicate verb (usually). Ask: Who or what is doing it?
  • Predicate: a verb. What the subject is doing. Located to the right of the subject (usually). Complete Predicate: the simple predicate verb plus all the words that help describe the action.
  • Direct object: a noun. Tells what the verb does. [Verb] what? ex: Sing what? Songs.
  • Indirect object: a noun. Receives the action of the verb. [Verb] to what/who/where? ex: Sing to what? The stars.

To help us understand the subject and the predicate, we watched Mr. Morton, from School House Rocks (only three minutes).

4. Begin Homework. Here is the homework: Parts of a Sentence Worksheet. We reviewed the first one or two answers together in class.

HW: One side of the Parts of a Sentence Worksheet. Due Monday!

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