Day 65: Vocab Lesson 2 and Parts of Speech Review

I’ll let you know when benchmark scores come in, everyone!

1. Vocab Lesson 2 Notes. We took notes on vocab lesson 2 words 1-5. You can download the first page of the notes sheet here: WordSkills Lesson 2 1-5. And you can get the definitions of the word parts (but not the breakdown of the words) here:

2. Parts of Speech. First, students wrote one sentence explaining what they will do (or want to do) over winter break. Then, they used the Parts of Speech Flowchart to label each part of speech in their sentence. Here’s an online graph to help you if you’re doing this at home:

HW: Parts of Speech Worksheet – either “Jabberwocky” or “A Mardsan Giberter for Farfie.” If you do not have the worksheet from school, you should choose one of the two links. Then, select at least 15 words from the poem or the story and color code those words into the eight parts of speech described in the link in #2. Due tomorrow.