Day 42: Through their eyes

1. Do now: Students thought about how other people see them as they walk down the halls or down the street. Everyone judges everyone else, so how do people judge you? Students drew a caricature of themselves through someone else’s eyes or wrote the internal monologue of the person watching them and judging. Students should have used hyperbole in their caricature or internal monolgue.

My example: I drew myself teaching in a diaper with a rattle because I think people stereotype me as “the young teacher.”

This took five minutes. As students worked, they chose TKaM characters from two jars.

Characters in Maycomb stereotype each other all the time, just like we do. In chapter 15, something potentially very scary will happen to Atticus because of a stereotype. You will read Ch. 15 for tomorrow.

2. Vocab test format. See Day 41 for details.

3. Vocab test kinesthetic review. Students practiced motions for our word parts. Remember, the test is on both the word parts and the SAT words. You must write strong sentences to get full credit!

Here are the motions, if you want to practice at home:

I can’t think of a motion for per (through, thoroughly), so let me know if you come up with something!

In the meantime, keep studying on Quizlet.

4. Through Their Eyes in TKaM. Students received the worksheet Through Their Eyes. Then, students filled in their two characters for A and B. If you were absent, you can choose any two characters. We completed this for the most part in class.


Finish “Through Their Eyes” if you haven’t yet. There are three parts.

Study for the Vocab test on Wednesday on Quizlet and with your flashcards.

Regular: Read Ch. 13 and 15. One motif journal entry.

Honors: Read Ch. 12-15. One motif journal entry.