Day 43: Chapters 12-15 in TKaM

1. Vocabulary Review. Students had two minutes to review flashcards alone or with their groups. At this time, students received feedback on sentences they wrote using their SAT vocab words.

2. Through Their Eyes. I collected this assignment for a homework grade.

3. Oral Quiz. We reviewed Chapters 12-15 orally with quiz questions. Absent students will be exempted from this portion of the oral quiz.

4. Kinesthetic vocab review. We reviewed our vocab with gestures. The vocab test is tomorrow!

5. Chapter 15 on film. We watched a short clip of the film To Kill a Mockingbird with Gregory Peck. Watch it below:

6. Discussion of motif. Finally, students had a brief discussion about how their motif appeared in the mob scene.

HW: Review for vocabulary test tomorrow. It will have all 25 word parts and 4 or 7 SAT words.

Study on Quizlet, bring flashcards, and bring your notes (V1, V1.5) for extra credit.

Absentees: Watch the film clip above and study your flashcards for the vocabulary test tomorrow. Prepare for a literature circle discussion on Thursday. You can pick any role for your group; it doesn’t matter if someone else is already doing it.