Day 41: Vocabulary Review

1. Make vocab flashcards (15 minutes). We made 29 (regular) or 32 (honors) flashcards for both our word parts and SAT vocab words.

Here’s what your cards should look like.

Vocabulary – word part on the front (with a memory clue if you like) and definition on the back


SAT Words – word on the front and definition and sentence on the back.


Test Format:

Part I: Defining Word Parts. Honors must write the complete definition of each word part, 1-25. Regular must match word parts to their definitions.

Part II: Unknown Vocabulary. Multiple choice for Honors and Regular. Use your knowledge of the word parts to figure out what different words mean.

Part III: SAT Vocabulary Sentences. For each SAT word, write a complete sentence (or two or three) that shows the meaning of the word.

This test will count as a project grade.

2. Quizlet. We went to the computer lab to play vocabulary flashcards. Click here to study: Lesson 1 on Quizlet


Study for vocab test on Wednesday. For extra credit, bring your complete notes (V1, V1.5) (+1) and flashcards (+1) on Wednesday. Score in the top ten on Space Race or Scatter (+2) or beat my top score on Space Race (+3).

Regular: Read Ch. 13 and Ch. 15 for Tuesday. One motif journal entry due on Tuesday.

Honors: Read Ch. 12-15 for Tuesday. One motif journal entry due on Tuesday.