Day 40: Vocab and Lit Circles

As you may have heard, today we had a brief evacuation during 2nd period because of a gas leak in Durham. But English continued as normal.

1. WordSkills notes 19-25, plus one SAT word for Honors. We finished all of our notes on prefixes for Lesson 1, plus we all discussed precociousness:

2. Ornithology. We talked a little about mockingbirds and bluejays. Listen to their calls and learn more about them here:


Blue Jays

3. Lit Circle Discussions and Close Reading. In some classes, we annotated this key passage: Key Passages in Chapter 10 about the title of the novel. In others, we also met in our Literature Circle groups. Tomorrow, we will even out the discrepancies.

HW: Bring index cards tomorrow to make flashcards in class (Regular bring 15, Honors bring 16). Continue reading.

Absentees: Get Vocabulary notes here to copy into V1 and V1.5. Download and annotate Key Passages in Chapter 10.