Day 39: Binaries in To Kill a Mockingbird

Today our schedule was a little screwy: all 9th graders started off the day with an assembly about important policies, like cyberbullying, harassment, late policies, GPAs, and other good stuff. That lasted through second period.

Then, we continued with our shortened schedule. Here’s what students who had English today did:

1. Do now: Get out motif journals and books. Draw a T-chart on a fresh page of your motif journal.

2. Binary brainstorming. In groups, students brainstormed characters, events, and quotations from To Kill a Mockingbird that fit into their group’s binary (Weak/Strong, Reality/Appearance, Illegal/Legal, Bad Fathers/Good Fathers, Imagination/Reality, Male/Female).

3. Visualizing the binary. Finally, students each chose one element on their binary chart to add to a larger chart on the wall.


Regular: 1 motif journal entry due tomorrow. Read Ch. 9-10 of TKaM.

Honors: 1 motif journal entry due tomorrow. Read Ch. 9-11 of TKaM.