Day 166: Fate or Flaw Debates

1. Warm-up. Students chose once of the following statements to explain: Romeo is fated, Romeo is tragically flawed, Juliet is fated, or Juliet is tragically flawed.

2. Group work. In small groups, students worked for about 20 minutes coming up with arguments for why one of the statements was true. They found evidence in the text.

3. Debates. Each team (Romeo-fate, Romeo-flaw, Juliet-fate, Juliet-flaw) had two minutes to present their arguments (one point per person), 30 seconds to make a counterargument, and 15 seconds for rebuttal.

At the end of the day, after voting on which side of the debate won, we found that Romeo and Juliet were both flawed, by a narrow margin of 3 classes to 2 classes.

HW: Rough draft of speech due Friday (2 pages double spaced). Finish reading Romeo and Juliet for tomorrow.