Day 165: Practice Speeches and Fate/Flaw Discussion

1. Writing sentences using rhetorical devices. Students wrote a few more sentences for their non-profit speeches driven by rhetorical devices. We shared sentences as students listened for which device was being used.

2. Mock speeches. In groups of three, students practiced giving a mini-speech to their peers. In one minute, students attempted to convince two other students to support their position by stating a thesis and three supporting arguments. After one minute, the two listeners gave feedback and counterarguments, helping the speaker come up with rebuttals to work into the speech.

3. Fate or Flaw? We discussed the elements of a tragedy, one of which was a tragic hero who is plagued by a tragic flaw (hamartia). Students debated what Romeo and Juliet’s tragic flaws are (usually a lack or an excess of some characteristic).

HW: Begin writing your speech! Due Friday! Read Act IV for tomorrow (Juliet takes the sleeping potion).

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