Day 144: Sonnets

1. Poetry Journal. Students responded to the following prompt:

Write down the title of a love song or a break-up song that you know the lyrics to.

What kind of imagery does the singer (poet) use to describe the beloved? List at least 5 quotes from the song and label what sense each description appeals to.

Then, fill in the blanks in this sentence:

The ___________ tone of this song implies that love is _______________.

2. “Sonnet 90” (Laura) by Petrarch. With a little history on the sonnet as a popular art form, we read and annotated “Laura.”

3. “Sonnet 130” (The Dark Lady) by Shakespeare. Students answered questions on this poem in small groups.

4. “Litany” by Billy Collins. To end class we listened to Billy Collins read this poem about false comparisons.

HW: None.

If you did not finish answering the five questions from Friday, you must do so because the work is already late.

Absentees: Answer the questions under number one in your poetry journal. Download and print out this worksheet (Sonnet Handout). Then read and annotate the two poems. Do your best to answer the eight questions about Sonnet 130. Then, listen to Billy Collins read “Litany” by clicking the “read” link above. Turn in your five questions when you return.