Day 88: EOC Review

1. Terms on the EOC Benchmark. In order to fully understand the questions on the EOC, there are certain terms you need to know. We reviewed these terms and students received a handout outlining them: Understanding Terms in the EOC Questions. Students circled terms they did not know. Students should make flashcards for these terms with the definitions on the back.

2. Simon Says. We played a round or so of the game Simon Says with these EOC terms: critique, critical essay, critical, concise, coherent, clarity. Here’s what we did:

  • critique: a positive and/or negative literary analysis. Movement: plus sign and negative sign with the arms.
  • critical essay: a positive and/or negative literary analysis. Movement: plus sign and negative sign with the arms.
  • critical: having a negative opinion of something. Movement: negative sign with the arms.
  • concise: said simply without excess words. Movement: scissors for cutting away the excess.
  • coherent: making logical sense. Movement: numbering 1, 2, 3 like counting the points in an argument.
  • clarity: being without confusion, vagueness, or muddiness. Movement: outlining a window with index fingers – clear like a window.

3. Grammar Review. Students received this worksheet to help review complete sentences: EOC Grammar Practice for January benchmark. If not completed in class, this should be finished for homework. We went over the answers by tossing around the awesome world globe beach ball I got from Borders over winter break.

HW: Review for EOC – Complete grammar review sheet (front and back) (see 3.). Complete extra credit passages in the purple textbook: EOC Practice Passages from English Textbook. Notes on 3 sources from SIRS database due Tuesday 1/26. To Kill a Mockingbird reading and visual journal through chapter 8 due Wednesday 1/27.

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