Day 87: EOC Review

Students will be taking EOG Benchmarks in English I next week. As a former SAT and ACT tutor I am extremely qualified to coach students in test-taking strategies. Today, we practiced multiple-choice strategies on a real test passage. See the passage and the questions here: Art in America EOG

1. Students read “Art in America,” by Maggie Anderson. Students annotated the passage as they read.

2. Students answered six multiple-choice questions about the passage.

3. We reviewed answers as a group. As we reviewed, students created an “EOC Tip Sheet” which they will continue to add to throughout the year.

Tip Sheet:

  • Read the directions for hints about what’s important in the passage.
  • Annotate the passage as you read.
  • To find theme, look at the end of the passage.
  • Beware of “bittersweet”: this choice is frequently used by the test-makers. Don’t pick it unless the tone is very bitter and also a little sweet.
  • If it’s not in the passage, it’s not an answer! Don’t let the test-makers trick you into thinking you didn’t understand the passage–because you did! They put in answers about things that were not in the passage to trip you up.
  • Avoid overly insulting answers. Multiple-choice tests are politically correct.
  • If you don’t know what a word means, figure it out by looking at the word in the context of the passage.

4. In some classes we resumed Bingo.

5. Students received a reading calendar for To Kill a Mockingbird: calendar tkam 10. Follow this calendar to see when chapters and visual journal entries are due.

HW: Read TKAM through Ch. 4 by tomorrow. Do entries in your visual journal (but not for chapter 1). All late work is due tomorrow unless I have told you otherwise!

Prepare for the EOG Benchmark by taking practice sets here:

Textual Analysis (Reading) Practice

Composition (Grammar) Practice

Absentees: Complete the practice questions for “Art in America” by clicking the link above. Print out the TKAM reading calendar and put either the Honors or Standard calendar in your binder.

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