Day 86: Visual Reading Journals and _To Kill a Mockingbird_ Bingo

1. Issuing To Kill a Mockingbird books. Each student who did not buy their own book checked out a school copy today. Parents, you should see these copies at home! They are purple. Students, please bring home your books to read! Standard students only need to read certain chapters, listed here:To Kill a Mockingbird plot elements entire novel

2. Intro to Visual Journals. As we read To Kill a Mockingbird, students will be completing an entry in a Visual Journal on each chapter read. Students received this handout explaining Visual Journals: visual journal instructions. We also passed around a binder full of excellent examples of visual journal pages.

3. To Kill a Mockingbird Bingo! As I read Chapter 1 aloud, students listened closely for key words and quotations to add to their Bingo cards. See a bingo card: TKAM Bingo ch. 1 We will continue playing Bingo tomorrow to facilitate our discussion of the book as well as practice listening and comprehension.

HW: Get a journal to do your visual journal entries in. Read TKAM ch. 1-4 by Friday. Do visual journal entries for all chapters except chapter 1.

Absentees: Make sure to get a copy of Mockingbird from me. Print out the Visual Journal instructions or get a copy from the Make-up Binder. Start reading Chapter 1.