Day 72: Intro to Lit Circles

Today we set up our literature circle groups and ensured everyone knew what to read for Friday and Monday.

1. Quickwrite. Students wrote about one of three topics: how the media covered a natural disaster in the past, a person you can never live up to, or how a celebration went wrong. This prepared students for the stories “And of Clay Are We Created” by Isabel Allende and “The Dead” by James Joyce. Students shared their answers in their groups.

2. Intro to Lit Circles. Students chose which role they would take in the literature circle: discussion director, illuminator, illustrator, connector, or summarizer. Students then decided which pages in the assigned story they would read for tomorrow and which pages they would read for Monday.

3. Character notes: Dynamic vs. Static. Students took the following notes:

Dynamic character: A character who changes internally as a result of the events of the story. ex: Batman, Spiderman, the Barber, Roger, most protagonists.

Static character: A character who remains the same throughout the story. ex: Odysseus (?), any antagonist.

HW: Read assigned portion of story, either “The Dead” or “And of Clay Are We Created.” Your group should have assigned you about half of the story to read tonight. Prepare for your Literature Circle tomorrow by completely filling out one side of your “Literature Circle Notes” sheet. Also, begin filling out your Dynamic Character brochure.

Absentees: Copy the notes in #3 into the literature section of your binder. Honors, read half of “The Dead” online here. Standard, and anyone absent from 5th period, wait until tomorrow to get a copy of “And Of Clay Are We Created.” Those reading “The Dead,” begin filling out this sheet about the character Gabriel as you read: Those reading “And of Clay Are We Created,” pick up a character sheet on Rolf Carle before reading tomorrow. Tomorrow you will need to ask your group what role you have in the lit circle. I will give you a role sheet to complete for Monday.

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